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Dumb Stone Card Game

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Introducing Dumb Stone a new crazy card game, can be player by four players online or against the three CPU opponents! Play against your friends and have fun with funny cards and tactical card game battles or play against the CPU. If you like card games you will love this game! Same as in another popular card game you have to get rid off all your cards first, if you are the last one with cards in the hand you are the DUMB STONE! Use wild cards to let your opponents take the pilled up cards and let them be the dumb stone and you finish first! Every game is a new challenge and so you never know what your opponent is doing next!

– Funny cartoon art work (by mikemac2d)
– Four player online card battle game
– Singleplayer mode included!
– Get the physical cards in the online shop!

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Dumb Stone Card Game

Get rid off all your cards or you are the dumb stone. Play clever and be evil and let your opponents take the piled up cards!

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