Dungeon Duos is inspired by a puzzle runner mini-game of the same name. I took the idea and evolved it from 1 puzzle to over 300. You and one partner work together to finish the puzzles and race to the end. Jump over lava, solve puzzles, destroy obstacles, and sabotage your opponents.

While playing unlock hundreds of customization options from hats and hair styles, to wings and torches.


Hand Crafted Levels – There are over 300 puzzles, and while they are randomly chosen when play, they are not randomly made. I worked on every last one to make sure it would look beautiful, perform great, and offer loads of entertainment.

Offline 2-4 Players – Take the game offline to the full extent. Play with your friends on the couch with up to 4 controllers. (2 Players can use the Keyboard if needed. Though, not the most comfortable experience.)

Online 1-2 Split-Screen – Play with up to 3 friends, 1 can even be on the same computer as you with online split-screen. While on split-screen, player 2 will still get full customizing options.

Constant Updates – I plan on updating the game for awhile. Adding Puzzles, Game Modes, Music, Ect. (And of course, tweaking the online experience and removing any bugs.)

Quick Matching – Don’t have a lot of time? The average game length is 3 minutes. Too Short? Bump it up from 10 puzzles to 25, or 50, or even 100.

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Dungeon Duos

A Puzzle Solving, Racing Against Time, Team Killing, Indie Game. Hundreds of hand crafted puzzles, Beautiful 16 bit Music, and 4 player Offline and Online Game-play.

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