Speed, shots and platforms. This is the frenzy of Dyana Moto Space. Dyana is a space biker who fights a fleet of space ships and robots on the front line in a high-level battle simulation. Your bike is a powerful tank of war, setting fire to all your enemies and jumping great distances. The attacks come from all sides and Dyana needs to stay on the platforms and always with open eyes with lots of ammunition to survive and reach the end.


Collect power ups to multiply your firepower.
Fuel your motorcycling
Practice flying jumps
Make combos (destroy enemies simultaneously, shoot back and forth) to gain thousands of points and unlock conquests quickly.
Open fire constantly on your enemies and destroy everything that moves on the screen.

You will save your check point whenever you destroy the final robot.

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Dyana Moto

Dyana Moto is a frenetic racing game of infinite shooter. Dyana maneuvers a powerful war motorcycle and jumps over platforms while fighting robots and enemy spaceships in an aggressive battle simulation.

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