Using totally unique mechanics, Easy Magic will make you be challenged to learn new ways to play. Here is a list of the characteristics you must have to be a good player:

Good memory

After learning the combinations of spells you should use your memory to remember the combinations at the right time


Do not let the enemies steal you, but if you’ve been slow do not worry, you’ll still have a new chance trying to steal them back


First defend your base very well, for this you can leave traps, dragons-bombs and knights. After this know the right moment to attack, as soon as you conquer a new base you will attract much attention.


The level has several tips to get you right, including how to kill the boss (who insists on appearing when you conquer a new base)


Nothing better than discovering all the secrets, because the rewards are huge, there’s no way to get on Easy Magic without exploiting


We will be adding new levels, enemies, spells and other things on a recurring basis through updates (for free).

100% of the 3D assets, Easy Magic menu and sounds were purchased from Unreal Marketplace using the sales money from that same Marketplace.

If you want to know more about the new content or the development of Easy Magic, watch the Dream Real channel.

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Easy Magic

Not an easy game.

At Easy Magic you will be challenged to do your best. Use your agility, strategy and sense of adventure to uncover the secrets that will make you unlock new powers to go further.

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