Forty-three years after the tragedy that shocked the small city of Greenville and slaughtered Cliff’s family, the truth about the events will come forth.

Paul Carson is an skeptical TV Horror Show Host, that locks himself into haunted places, but what will come to happen in Cliff’s Manor will change his beliefs forever.

Exploring Cliff’s last moments of sorrow and despair, Paul Carson finds himself at the edge of his sanity, and facing his fears will be the only way to maintain his lucidity.

Edge of Insanity is about exploration and discovery of the very truth behind the events that happened in ‘Cliff’s Manor’ forty-three years ago.

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Edge of Insanity

Edge of Insanity is a first-person psychological horror game focusing on story and exploration. Your in control of Paul Carson, a TV Horror Show Host, who's currently locked in a haunted manor in search for the missing information of a crime that happened decades ago.

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