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El Tango de la Muerte

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El Tango de la Muerte is a RHYTHM game about Tango that takes place in the year 1923 in Argentina.

Features and content:

The game tells a story of love and betrayal in the time of Tango; it does it in 6 chapters and it will contain 13 playable songs in total.
The game is under development and so far there are 2 chapters ready of a total of 6 (2/6).

About the gameplay

It is a rhythm game on a checkerboard. The player moves a dance couple on the checkerboard to the rhythm imposed by the music. You can also make the couple slide trough the dance floor keeping the keys pressed.
Each song brings special features (Bombs, Shooting, Beating, etc.) that combine with the mechanics of normal rhythm and with each other.

Culture and Firulete

Made with photographic collages recreating locations of a historical Buenos Aires as well as archetypal characters of the time (1923, Agentina).
El Tango de la Muerte was born with the objective of creating something beautiful with a strong cultural imprint; a game of rhythm, knives at night and broken memories.

The YIRA Orchestra::

Its powerful rocker sound stands out with the languages of its bandoneon, violin and viola of tango miloguero.

    -"Electroviaje Porteño" (2004) The YIRA Orchestra :: it is formed
    -"Tinto" (2007) Tour in Spain, Denmark and Portugal
    -"Santos Impostores" (2015) Nominated Disc of the Year by AMI and AADI
    -"Otras Cosas" (2016) Released in Argentina, Spain and Brazil

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El Tango de la Muerte

"El Tango de la Muerte" (The Tango of Death) is a RHYTHM game about Tango that takes place in the year 1923 in Argentina.

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