Enter a sports arena of the future in this fast paced game based on ping pong. The virtual arena is encased in glass, floating in space, giving you a surreal and exciting environment to play in. Leave yourself enough room to be able to swing your 2 paddles, one for each hand and get ready for a workout.

Choose from 1 of 3 levels and prepare to serve a sizzling ball of electricity to your AI opponent. Balls will bounce off walls, ceiling and floor at angles based on the laws of physics. Balls speed up over time and there is an option the temporarily slow down the movement during game play, when needed, to help make precise hits.

This game is suitable for veterans and novices to VR with plenty of replay value. Have fun!

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Electro Pong VR

This modern take on an arcade classic will challenge your speed and reflexes through three different difficult levels. If you're feeling up to the task, face the AI on the Impossible difficulty. Be warned, it will not go easy on you.

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