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Elven Legend 2: The Bewitched Tree

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Evil witch returns to Elven Kingdom!

Returning from a far country, princess Aerin founds her kingdom in ruins. Citizens scared, monsters invaded the streets and bewitched roots of tree of life, destroyed houses. Nature itself has risen against the Elven Kingdom!
Traveling through the lands of the kingdom, Aerin will meet wonderful friends and scary monsters, will find out the reason of destruction and will fight with the revived evil!

• Travel to 5 different locations!
• Exciting story will immerse you into the wonderful fantasy world
• Control various characters
• 40 unique levels that challenge you
• Build your capital of the kingdom!

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Elven Legend 2: The Bewitched Tree

Elven Legend 2 - exciting time-management strategy in a fantasy world, where an evil witch has bewitched the Life Tree of the Elven Kingdom.

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