You are John Davis a working freelancer. You have been assigned a new well-paid job. Your agency didn’t tell you much more than what several anonymous sources have confirmed strange things are going on inside Enlysia, an research facility located deep inside the mountains. People have disappeared lately and all signs point to the same place, Sector 6. With no time to spare, you must swiftly infiltrate the area undetected. Danger lurks in every corner, spawned by secrets best left uncovered.

The Story mode lets you dive deep into the mysterious happenings surrounding Enlysia. Explore the darkest parts of this facility and unravel the mysterious of Sector 6.

You have been selected to be part of a horrific experiment, cooperate with your friends or play as a lone wolf while you try to survive. The experiment takes part in a facility over at Enlysia and is composed of a network of rooms filled with traps and other threats trying to kill you. Your objective is to find weapons and keys to survive and escape the experiment, but beware as in the dark there is a monster lurking waiting for an opportunity to strike and kill you.

The network of rooms will be semi-randomized to give more replay value and will also be offered at different environment settings. You can choose to either be one of the test subject trying to survive, or you can be the experiment monster whose sole mission is to make sure nobody leaves alive.

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Destination Enlysia, a dark and unwelcome place. You have been sent there to unravel whatever dark secrets there are to be discovered. Once you have entered there is only one option, stay alive!

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