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Eternal Man: Forest

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  • 5,000 unlockable achievements
  • Lowest price possible
  • Guarantee that achievements will work
  • Future trading cards

The Story

This is the story of Charles.

He was once an ordinary man, with a simple life and simpler goals. Now, the endless run is the only life he knows. He is a hollow man, and his only goal is to achieve perfection, one step at a time. Society demands it, and what kind of man would he if he did not serve the common good?

Failure is not an option. Imperfection is unacceptable. Anything less than perfect is flawed. Welcome to the future.


This is an embarrassingly simple endless runner with randomized platforms and obstacles. Left mouse button or spacebar makes Charles jump and double jump. Holding them down makes him jump higher. You help him avoid stepping on rocks (because they hurt, I guess?) His running speed increases over time. Because there’s no cap to the speed, it will inevitably be impossible to keep going, just as it will inevitably be impossible to keep chasing perfection.

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Eternal Man: Forest

An endless runner game with satirical commentary about society and undeserved achievements to give fulfillment to your nonexistent lives. Because we care.

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