Your Kingdom Needs You
When a princess bent on revenge stumbles upon an ancient seal, a dark power is unleashed on the world. As this princess, set out on a journey to save your kingdom from an evil fate. Along the way learn new combat maneuvers and learn to harness the power of the Ether to unleash spells upon foes who would stand in your way.


  • No Grinding
    Gain stats and grow stronger through exploration and progressing through the story.
  • Fight Smart
    Use a combination of thrusts, slashes, and magic to take advantage of the weaknesses of your enemies.
  • Swords Slice, Spears Stab
    Each weapon type has pros and cons; arm yourself to suit your fighting style, or alter your tactics to fit your weapon.
  • All Alone
    Help is hard to come by, even for a princess. Learn to stand on your own, because there is no one to pick you up if you fall.
  • Pick Your Battles
    All enemies are visible on screen and many can be bypassed, but the more you practice your combat skills, the more you’ll learn.

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Ether Awakening

After losing a war and being forced to abandon her homeland, Princess Nia can think only of revenge. Her plans are cut short when an ancient evil is released from the Ether, and she is forced to find a way of stopping it before the whole world is enslaved.

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