Evil Come – is a casual platformer in which you have to play as a knight who defends his town. You have to fight with goblins, bats and even with death itself to free your city. At each level, you need to collect a certain number of scrolls to drive out the evil and move to the next level. At each level there are obstacles that will stop you, inflict damage on you, poison you, but there will also be potions that will heal you. The difficulty of passing will increase with each level, so you need to use your abilities and savvy to overcome all difficulties and free your native land.


-Interesting and understandable gameplay.

-Beautiful graphics.

-A variety of obstacles that require your sharpness.

-Enemies are better to overcome by cunning.

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Evil Come

Evil Come - is an interesting platformer with nice graphics, where you play as a knight, who must free his native land from the evil attacking them. Overcome levels filled with obstacles, drive out enemies with magic scrolls. Send evil back to where it came from.

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