Humanity had no idea that soon he will have to save ourselves , as a Race.
Other forms suddenly invaded people’s lives, to replenish his army of cyborgs for the future
grasping of outer space. People gave them a fitting rebuff. To save his human code , elected sent up on the space station,
where vocally strict laws.
People who have crossed the line of law was banished to the death – on Earth , where after a long war was not possible to live.
However during the war many people escaped death because he went to live under the ground and in a protective capsule, constructed during the war.
And some survivors of other forms and roam the earth, fulfilling his mission.
Earth many years later was able to recreate himself again, however, there are a lot of places where better not to go.
Many life forms of the Earth or disappeared altogether, or became unrecognizable.

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Exile to Death

Explore the world , collect resources , craft items , build a fortified house and kill other players to survive. BUT don't forget about cyborgs...

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