Infinite Loop of fun

  1. Create finished products
  2. Make money
  3. Unlock more advanced technologies and machines
  4. Create more advanced finished products
  5. Make more money
  6. Grow your factory
  7. Go to step 1

Play Factory Engineer and unleash your inner engineer.

Features of the early access version

  • Start with simple raw materials,and go complex as deep as you can.
  • Recycle scrap to get special resources.
  • More than 20 machines with different abilities and duties.
  • More than 70 items to craft.
  • Deep Tech tree to improve and unlock new technology.
  • Leaderboard to measure your factory efficiency,Build more efficient factory to get better rank on the leaderboard and compete with your friends.
  • Several achievements,try to unlock them all.
  • Micromanagement.
  • Build your factory in your way,tweak everything to make your factory profitable.
  • Demand and market saturation affect your profit.
  • More complex items, more profits.
  • Dont stall your factory because of money,go and get a loan and keep your factory running.
  • Several challenging objectives,choose your favourite objective "Profit target,Prduction volume target,Unlock specific product within time limit…..and more".
  • Sandbox mode with unlimited money to expand you factory without limitations.
  • there is also ambitious plan to make the player able to build many factories around the globe and transfer items through land,air or sea.
  • All of this is just the beginning,more is coming 🙂

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Factory Engineer

Factory Engineer is a factory simulation game which is about creating a huge automated factory by building production lines to create products and make money.
Start with simple products,make money,unlock technologies then create the most sophisticated products.

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