Our character wakes up and finds out that his companion is missing. Now he must find out what has happened using his new-found ability. Changing dimensions, you’ll advance in a rainy forest over hills and cliffs through mysterious caves, solving different obstacles while the games difficulty increases.

Fade Away is a charming and atmospheric game with a great soundtrack and a narrative with short Cinematic appropriate for all ages.

Key Features

  • Solve puzzles through four different levels which differ with length, difficulty and themes.
  • Fade Away has an immersive soundtrack which engulfs you in the games mysterious atmosphere written by the game’s creators.
  • Changing dimensions changes player’s color, size and abilities
  • Full Xbox controller support.
  • Expected play time average is about one hour.

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Fade Away

Find your lost companion by facing challenging and tricky obstacles.
Make the impossible possible by changing dimensions as you advance closer to your partner.

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