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Fairly Certain Doom

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Fairly Certain Doom is a VR interactive story built for the Oculus Rift. Look doom in the eye as Marvin the window washing boyfriend, Rachelle the stressed out girlfriend, and as Tim, the coworker friend guy that brings a bit of balance to Marvin’s life.


  • Grab stuff
  • No locomotion! So not really a feature, more like a misfeature
  • There’s no escaping Doom! But go ahead and try

Current Content

  • Chapter 1: Marvin available chapter at launch, 2 additional chapters in development
  • Each chapter will range between 5-8 minutes long
  • Interactive objects in the scene
  • Story based VR experience


Oculus Support?

  • The game currently has support for Oculus. For future adaptations, we’re looking into Vive, Oculus GO and Gear VR.

Is This Game Scary?

  • Kinda sorta, more like ‘delightfully suspenseful’ or ‘pleasantly jumpy’. This is definitely not a horror type of VR game, those are the worst for your nerves, where you think you’re gonna get murdered around the next turn. No, this is more like the "No freaking way this is happening to me" kind of game, and then you giggle, there’s maybe going to be some giggling.

Locomotion Options?

  • Nope! While you’ll be able to interact with stuff, we don’t believe in just letting you wander around on your own, that’s way to risky. So imagine you’re glued to the floor and trying to figure out what the hey’s going on using your eyes and hands.

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Fairly Certain Doom

Fairly Certain Doom is an interactive VR story, putting you in the shoes of three unsuspecting, undeserving victims of doom: Marvin the forgetful boyfriend, Rachelle the stressed out girlfriend, and Tim the coworker. Live through crazy scenarios where you're pretty sure you're doomed.

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