I bet you know who Albert Einstein or Bill Gates is. But have you ever heard about Albert Zweistein, Bill Dates or even Napoleon Borntoparty? They all exist…in parallel universe called Famousity. And they are still alive and eager to meet each other. That’s where you come in and be a part of the whole Famousity universe.


Famousity is a card game with simple rules where you get to know some of the noticeable famous people from history while having fun with your friends and/or strangers.


  • easy to learn game rules
  • all-ages family game
  • symbol-matching mechanism
  • famous people from history
  • 64 unique caricatures
  • special actions to influence the game outcome
  • play online with friends or strangers


This is not over yet. We plan to update the game with the new content as often as possible. New content like options to customize your environment, adding new famous people or preparing different sets of cards, e.g. dinosaurs instead of people 😉

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Famousity Card Game

Unique online multiplayer card game where famous people from history meet each other and form legendary teams.

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