You can feel yourself like a wise emperor with a turn-based strategy in a fantasy setting.

Select your Race:

  • You can become a brave knight of the gloomy people’s kingdom, or mighty ruler of the elves.
  • You can also become the king of dwarf dungeons, genie, assassin of the dark elves and even orc!
  • Choose the right race for you and start the campaign.

Manage the economy:

  • To keep your lands it is required to direct the population to prey: food, gold, and obtained resources will allow you to build an army and improve the fort.
  • If subjects don’t have enough food, there will be riot and sabotage!

Capture the lands of enemies:

  • Explore the terrain, look for enemies, and seize their land.
  • If you have a lot of population but few earth, the plague may begin.
  • In passing, you can find artifacts that will help capture the world, or carry out a quest that you can take in a tavern.
  • You can also try to conclude an alliance or buy off enemies, if you were suddenly taken by surprise.

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Fantasy World

You have your kingdom and some citizens. The aim is to improve your king, develop the economics and produce invincible armies that will beat enemies' armies and get their territories.

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