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Fear Of Nightmares: Madness Descent

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Fear Of Nightmares: Madness Descent is a horror/puzzle solving indie game. This game contains flashing images and may contain material that can be seemed as disturbing. It is recommended not to play this game if you have any disorders with similar symptoms like epilepsy or heart diseases for that matter. I aswell as all sources, volunteers etc. Are NOT responsible for any harm that may come from playing this game. Therefore play at own risk.

Another thing that should be noted is that this game is meant to be hard, there are only two different difficulties. Choosing which difficulty to play can greatly change the experience you recieve playing this game.

While this game is a story based game, it can often be seen as vague as the lore is hidden which requires certain events in order to unlock it. Ontop of this this game is the first of it’s serie and therefore the lore is not fully written in this game which means that there is no real ending in this game.

OS/Controllers/System Requirement
This game is built for windows and works well for both 32 and 64 bit. As it was built for pc it only accepts keyboard and mouse as controllers, if the request for other controllers is high this may change. Due to being an indie developer with very low budget the amount of hardware i can access for now is very limited. This means that all system requirement i’ve written are based on the hardware i pocess and not the actual hardware required to play this game. As such these system requirements may lower in the future.

(Note again that so far this game does not support any other OS than windows).

This game only supports English language.

Age Rating
Considering this game contains major elements of fear with little to no gore, swearing or violence. Anyone below 16 are recommended NOT to play this game.
These ratings are based on common sense and are NOT legally legal, and as stated before, I’m NOT responsible for any damage this game may cause.

Lack Of Experience
Finally its worth noting that this game is made from a developer while learning, meaning that graphics aswell as code may not be seen as very proffesional, which can cause glitches aswell as potentional game abuse like walljumping etc, ontop of that due to lacking experience in coding steamworks sdk is not supported. Therefore this game does not support cloud saves or achivements etc. Incase you’re intrested in the story and what the game is more about please read the short description written besides the trailer.

Other information like FAQ, contact info etc. Can be found under the official fear of nightmares community. Contact information can also be found when searching for
this game via steams support site.

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Fear Of Nightmares: Madness Descent

After having witnessed his own hanging, the character finds himself in a forest where strange events begin to happen. While traveling through dark enviroments in order to restore his sanity he will encounter various obstacles aswell as malformed horrors lurking in the dark.

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