FeArea is a non-grinding next generation Action with MOBA elements where players battle each other using tanks, battle robots, and vehicles. The teams must use the weaponry of the future to achieve victory over their enemies. Both equipment and terrain have to be considered to be successful – every map has its own special features and a well-chosen position can secure victory for even the weakest units.

Join huge battles without boring mob farming and enjoy quick upgrades! Turn the beautiful landscapes of faraway planets into charred wastelands!
Enjoy realistic physics and destructible terrain! Develop your war machine and set it up to fit your style of play!


– Set in an original sci-fi universe
– Three classes of military equipment – tanks, robots and vehicles with completely different styles of play and battlefield roles
– 5×5 team battles without boring minion farming!
– High-definition world and equipment graphics based on Unreal Engine 4
– Realistic physics that affect equipment and the reaction of the environment
– An upgrade system that allows you to adapt each unit to your unique play style
– Visual display of the level of your military equipment – the higher the level, the cooler your war machine looks!
– Classic Team Deathmatch and Control Points game modes, with the option of another way to win by destroying the enemy base
– Battlefield skills that are unique for each class and type of military equipment. Unique skill development for equipment types and specific units

War of future scale! And a really awesome and exciting future.

It’s waiting for you, pilot! FeArea choses only the best! Are you ready?

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FeArea is an Action with MOBA elements set in a far future of constant brutal warfare for supremacy based on Unreal Engine 4. Several classes of military equipment, from tanks to bipedal robots, unique weaponry, varied game arenas and exciting team play modes!

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