A great little game for those who want to pass time or just don’t want to be bored. Countless hours of fun gameplay await you as you collect as many items for your little friend as possible.


  • Very simple controls
  • Joyful yet relaxing music
  • Gradually increasing complexity
  • Multi-platform support (Windows, Mac, Linux)

You have no idea what to do in your spare time? Your fluffy little friend will help you with the problem, as you must sate his endless hunger. Entertain yourself by collecting colourful balls and dodging the treacherous bombs that strive to attack our innocent little friend. The controls are very simple – you just have to move left or right. In addition, you have to watch out for the timer and collect falling watches to replenish it, otherwise you will lose. Obtain all the achievements and reach high scores to defeat your friends!

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Feeding The Monster

A simple and fun arcade game where your goal is to collect falling objects. The cute monster is very hungry and you must feed it, but beware of bombs, otherwise your adorable furry friend may die!

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