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Create and publish your own levels using all the blocks found in game. Simply hit "Create" and build whatever you desire. Then once you’re done upload it to the workshop to let others test it out. There’s an endless amount of possibilities, no matter how challenging.

About the Game

Platforming – Simple right?

Fields XY places you in control of 2 characters with very different characteristics. Use the arrow keys to direct a simple platformer character, dodge spikes, climb towers and teleport between areas with the aim of finishing at your goal.

Some goals however, are just out of reach. Enter the top down character, moving on the XY plane with WASD, leaving a trail of platforms as they move. Combine the unique traits to tackle difficult puzzles, where planning every move is key. Fail to do so, and you risk making the exit truly unreachable.

A third character is also available and will be featured in many future levels. Operating similar to the top down character, they leave a small temporary platform trail that fades in time. This final character changes the game from a thought provoking puzzler, to a more fast paced platformer.

The game features 50 levels at this time with the plan for frequent level updates. Access to the Steam workshop also makes the amount of levels available endless.

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Fields XY

Introducing Fields XY a puzzle platformer featuring 3 unique characters, all interacting at once to complete levels both simple and complex.

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