This is a brand new puzzle game that will keep you entertained for lots wonderful hours, and even days. We are happy to present you a game that will make you show you’re attention and prove that you are able to easily handle even the most difficult task.


  • Different levels of difficulty
  • A time limit
  • Nice music
  • The game develops life skills
  • Beautiful, bright illustrations
  • Intuitive

Did you suddenly lose the desired thing which is very necessary for you right now? For example, you’re late for a meeting with friends and you can’t find a gift that is carefully prepared for them. How much time have you spent on this? Were you late for the meeting? Maybe this happens to you constantly? If so, then this game is designed to help you develop your ability to quickly find necessary items. The gameplay is simple, but fascinating. Before your eyes suddenly there is a huge pile of all sorts of items, while mercilessly the second counter, counts down, which marks the end of the round. During the game you need to find all the necessary items before time runs out, it may not be as easy as it seems. Compete with friends in speed or just have fun collecting items, which in ordinary life would have seemed too funny. Where else will you be able to meet a number of octopus’ and cabbage, Or mushrooms and a ship anchor? This is the essence of the game. Hours of fun waiting for you!

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Extremely simple, but at the same time an exciting puzzle game, that will develop your attentiveness and ability to find different objects. Find out how easy it is be able to find the right thing in a vast sea of unimaginable stuff!

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