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  • Top-down Multiplayer Arcade;
  • For 2-4 Players, Team Or Pvp;
  • Fast Rounds Of 3-5 Minutes;
  • Crazy Battles and Epic Chases;
  • The chance to fishslap a friend or three!


In the middle of the ocean on islands far, far away you can find peculiar lemur tribes. For hundreds of years they’ve had a tradition – to compete for the fish. They have been perfecting their combatting techniques for years. Lemurs have used all the echoes of civilization they could get.

Fishemurs – that’s the name of lemurs who are taught from an early age to master battling on dinghies. They are strong, agile and cunning. Fishermurs get fish for winning battles!

The winner gets more than tasty fish! He gets glory and respect of his tribe. That is why it’s every lemur’s childhood dream to become an honorable fishermur!

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One fish, four lemurs. Online arcade battles between lemurs on dinghies.
Grab your paddles, hop in a boat, and beat up anyone who tries to snatch your precious fish.
And don’t miss the chance to fishslap a friend or three!

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