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Fist’s Elimination Tower

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Some 2D platformers give you rewards like more points or extra lives when you jump on a chain of enemies without touching the floor. Fist’s Elimination Tower offers you a much grander prize for doing this – SURVIVAL. Play as a queue of randomly generated contestants that enter the tower, all hoping to win cash, prizes (i.e.: hats), and the glory of being the first person to ever reach the top of Fist’s Elimination Tower. But they’ll have to… LOOK OUT FOR FISTS!

  • Jump your way through 200+ floors that pelt you with a constant barrage of new obstacles.
  • Challenge yourself with a number of difficulty modes that reduce the number of contestants and even randomize the floors of the tower.
  • Create custom contestants that will randomly appear in the tower. Make yourself, your friends, and your family, and watch them all get crushed by giant fists!
  • Unlock new accessories to further customize your contestants, as well as skins to change the appearance of the tower.
  • Encounter special guest contestants, including The Fishy from Shutshimi, Jade from Skyhook, and a few characters from my webcomic, Beeserker.

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Fist’s Elimination Tower

A 2D platformer in which you play as randomly generated contestants that have to bounce their way to the top of an obstacle course full of robots, electric currents, explosives, and fists.

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