In a city there was a series of mysterious fires. Many people was missing. Firefighters who were at those facilities, noticed strange things. They claimed to have seen other people in a reflection of mirrors. No bodies were found.
You are fire inspector, who at end of a day must check the last object to determine a cause of a fire. The object is a house of mirrors. But all is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Mirrors hide horror of flames.

"Flame of Mirrors" is an indie horror from a lone developer.
Player has to walk through the dark tangled corridors, illuminating his path with the dim radio of walkie-talkie. Moving through levels will occur through mirrors, mirrors are portals.

Beware of the victims of flame! If it becomes scary, close your eyes.

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Flame of Mirrors

In The Flame of Mirrors You will go into mysterious mazes which shrouded in mystery, soot and smoke. To get out of them You should only rely on sounds, intuition and dim backlight of radio.

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