We proudly present you an unique gaming experience that helps you develop creative thinking and teaches you to think outside of the box by looking for new, interesting approaches to solve different problems. You are likely to end up spending multiple hours trying to complete the levels, and some of them may seem impossible to you. However, you can succeed in every situation by selecting the right approach.


  • Excellent graphics
  • Interesting and hilarious Monsters
  • Complete freedom of your actions
  • Complex, difficult levels
  • Various achievements
  • Compatibility on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Being without friends can be lonely. The Monsters feel the same way and are always sad without each other. You must help them find friendship on the complex and intricate levels in this magical world, where imagination is key to success. Bring your imagination to life by drawing anything the Monsters could use on their journey. The only limit is your imagination! At first, you may think this task is easy, but in reality every level requires you to think outside of the box and use your creativity and resourcefulness to solve the puzzles and aid the Monsters through increasingly challenging situations. The magnificent graphics, the easy operation and the challenges ahead will keep you busy for countless hours, and you will gain invaluable experience from your adventures.

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Fluffy Friends

In front of you is a spectacular game with interesting, unusual gameplay, a puzzle game involving your creativity, where YOU have to figure out how to pass the levels.

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