Welcome to Flying turkey!
You are here to defend the platform and stop turkeys getting away!

You can try a variety of awesome weapons here, and we are still trying to bring you more!

Baseball Bat, Fry pan, Frog glove, Kungfu glove, Balloon fish…

-Game Modes

Survival Mode:
Strike turkeys away and survive. We have a global leader board for you!

Challenge Mode:
Try to hold on longer enough to challenge the turkey Boss.

Arcade Mode:
You are almost invincible, just have fun!

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Flying Turkey

Welcome to Flying Turkey!!!
In here, You must defend the platform and stop turkeys getting away.
Have you ever try to use an ice cream to strike turkeys away?
Or use a frog-glove to launch turkeys?
There is a great variety of turkeys and weapons waiting for you to explore.
Just have a blast!!!

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