Grow green forests by drawing a continuous line through cells in each level.
To proceed through a location, you have to fill all the appropriate cells with trees. The further you go into the woods, the more sophisticated the levels become!

– Enormous number of levels designed for meditative leisure;
– Three types of biomes: forest, desert, swamp;
– Secret objects and levels. You think that the game hasn’t any aces in the sleeve? Well, the first impression can be deceptive!
– Duck. Yes, you read it right: the DUCK. She will accompany you throughout the game – stealthy for the most time, but very clearly in some moments. She obviously has some sinister reason of being here. You may even get the impression that the Duck stays is behind this whole story. Well, it’s not so far from the truth!

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Grow green forests by drawing a continuous line through all the cells in each level. Sophisticated levels and sudden secrets await you in this puzzle that could seem simple at first impression!

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