Foreveracers is an arcade multiplayer driving game, with a focus on removing a lot of the faff and waiting around often associated with online racing games. Just join a game when you’re ready, and start driving.

You can challenge (and be challenged by) other players in the game to races or to special challenge modes. Everyone that accepts the challenge will join that game mode, and anyone that doesn’t can just carry on driving as they were, maybe to join or issue the next challenge.

When not in a challenge, just drive through a start line to begin a lap, drive somewhere else to find another circuit whenever you want, or maybe explore to see if you can find an unlock for the hidden circuits. Or if you just want to quickly change car or jump to a different circuit, you can do so too.

Each car in the game has a distinct feel and unique characteristics, and the physics model means that balance is as much part of challenge (and fun) as the optimal racing line. And each car has their own ‘optimal racing line’, since as long as you hit the checkpoints in order, you’re free to find your own route around the circuit!


  • All one world – You’re free to drive between the different circuits, and explore the world, without any reloading.
  • Day/Night cycle – The racing in Foreveracers never ends, so keep driving night and day.
  • Over 12 circuits – 4 initial circuits, 4 hidden circuits to find, and additional mirrored variants to then unlock.
  • Race challenge – Issue a race challenge to other players, those that accept will line up and race to the finish line.
  • Special Challenge Modes – If you want a break from the racing, then challenge players to a Scavenge Hunt or Rust-Bucket Survival challenge
  • 6 Main Vehicles – from the slow and steady Starter Car, through to the ‘too fast’ Sports Car, and the frankly ridiculous Clown Car.
  • Leaderboards – See how your lap times compare to others
  • Live world rank – Your current world rank is displayed for whichever circuit you currently have active, try to improve your best time and move up to #1!
  • Ghosts – If you’re just lapping alone then the ‘ghost’ of your best lap will start when you do.

Note For Solo Players

We believe there is fun to be had with this game even if playing alone – start an online game and while waiting for others to join, you can drive, explore, time trial, try to improve your world ranking and unlock the extra circuits. However, we do want to make it clear that there is no single player ‘story’ or challenge structure, there are no AI racers in the game, so if you’re only looking for a game to play alone/offline, then this may not be for you.

Future Development

We have a number of ideas and plans to how we could further expand the game in future, and if we do this then future additions will be free updates. However, we want to be as transparent as possible, and so want to be clear that this is not an ‘early access’ game. We are just a 2 person team working in our spare time around our day jobs, so our focus has been to try to make a small, fun game and offer it for what we hope is a fair price. Post release our priority will be to support any issues with the game to make sure it works as we intended. After that, we will review the feedback and response to the game to decide what future developments we’ll make…at this stage though we aren’t promising anything, and want to make this clear upfront as we would hate for you to feel conned into buying this on what ‘might’ come to be added! 🙂

In saying all that, local split-screen is a feature we are keen to add regardless…it’s something we’ve tested and had working earlier in the project, but at the time of writing this we don’t expect to have it working properly in time for the initial release.

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The bouncy wobbly arcade online multiplayer driving game. Jump in to the action with no fuss. Race, roam, roll, crash, and challenge as you drive around the game world day and night. Cut corners, find shortcuts and avoid other players while trying to set the best lap times or win the challenges.

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