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Forsaken Generation

Steam Video Games Windows

Old School Turn Based Rpg Made With Rpgmaker Mv.

Sci-fi & Fantasy storyline

30+ Hrs Of Gameplay

20+ Dungeons to Explore

7 different characters to choose from. (+ 2 Hidden Characters to find)
Each one brings their own TACTICS/BUFF to the combat.

Challenging Hardcore Rpg. (no hand-holding Here)

Utilize different ROW BUFFS effectively in combat

YOU must decide whether to DPS or HEAL to SURVIVE.

Flexible TARGETING in combat; to AOE or FOCUS FIRE can be critical in COMBAT.

Terrax Lighting Effects

Yanfly & Moghunter Plugins


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Forsaken Generation

Old school, hardcore, turn based RPG made with RPGMAKER MV.
30+ hrs of gameplay. 20+ Dungeons to EXPLORE.
7 characters to choose from at any time, each bring their own tactics to combat.
SCI-FI / FANTASY Storyline.

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