Hello fellow game lovers! Hope you are all enjoying the Steam Summer Sale and perhaps you’d like to enjoy Fos, a new release from Plaidman Games! With 5 achievements to unlock and some fun to be had, enjoy this game, your Summer Sale purchases, and the weather!


About the Game

Fos is a unique take on the endless runner where light reveals the world and darkness shows the path you lay out.

Trapped inside a world where darkness is everywhere, you must use your ability to draw lines to mark the location of platforms across procedurally generated levels, where no playthrough is the same. Each playable character finds itself in their own part of the world with the same problem…

Use battery to see with your light and memory to draw lines on the screen, but be careful as these are limited resources.

How far will you go before you run out of the battery power or memory needed to overcome the darkness?

Classic aesthetic with keyboard menu navigation interface. Recommended to play in a dark room.

Unlock new characters the more you play. Three different robots, each with their own procedurally generated levels and unique abilities:
– Reggie — Just a regular robot with a light switch.
– LineRider — More than meets the eye, he can walk on the lines he draws.
– Anti-Grav — He’s a little mixed up; go up when he falls and down when he jumps.

Two modes of play:
– Normal mode — See how far you can get before you run out of resources or fall to your doom.
– Time Attack — Get as far as you can in 60 seconds.

With 5 achievements to unlock!

Advance far enough and you may uncover the secret of this dark world…

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In the distant future, an apocalyptic event has rendered the world in darkness, where robots seem to be all that survived. Ration your battery and memory to get as far as you can, but you can't move and see at the same time, so memory use is vital. Mark carefully, as every jump can be fatal.

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