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Freshly fried shrimps seemed hot additionally named noth

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Freshly Fried Shrimps (following omitted) is a turn based laughable 2D-jrpg mainly in using RPG Maker MV’s assets and standardized system within some major scripts.Its Journey throughout those features filled with classcal gamings. The main playable character is a standard shrimp.

Main Features:
about 15 hours of the story and 1 hour of extras (notice:this game includes small fields, just most of 15 hours may be spent to fight with hard enemies)
12 levels of player’s experience
More than 50 special moves and spells
More than 30 enemies.
More than 15 items among potions, weapons and typically armors.

Sorry for some mistakes in translations(since not my first language) or some bugs may be remained.

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Freshly fried shrimps seemed hot additionally named noth

A laughable 2D-RPG made with RPG Maker MV

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