Work together in normal, weird and interesting levels that challenge you and your friend’s puzzle solving skills, management skills, and your ability to make the ultimate smoothies.

Plant seeds, water them, see your fruit children grow up and then…

…Throw them in the blender!

Fruity Smoothie is all about growing, throwing, and doing stuff with fruit.

Your fruit family and friends have been kidnapped while you and your best friend were relaxing, and now it’s up to the two of you to save them!

Chasing the kidnappers on a boat that runs on smoothies, you need to work together to make some fruity fuel for your boat.

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Fruity Smoothie

Fruity Smoothie is a co-op game where you grow, throw and shoot fruit all to save your fruit family from evil fruit and vegetables with an identity crisis. So get a friend and get ready to make some smoothies!

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