Fuzecat, a crazy world, where rocket cats fight relentlessly for their King : The Fuzecator. A sadistic, hairy and Zulu speaking god.
Once the sun is down, the cat with the most kills will have the great honor of fighting against Him. But can He be defeated… alone ?

  • 12 different playable cats (mmh, no more …?)
  • A unique look for each cat, with a melee and distance weapon, of its own
  • Controls optimized on keyboard and mouse, to play one-handed !
  • Playable up to 4 local players – even without any gamepad
  • A hardcore boss to fight in the end of each game : the Fuzecator. Surprise if he’s defeated…
  • A survival mode against zombies
  • 8 game modifiers, to change the experience… and the fun
  • A tutorial (more than advised) to learn how to play

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Choose your favorite character among 12 rocket-cats with different powers, and happily slay your friends ! Up to 4 local players on the same screen (playable with keyboard, mouse and gamepad).

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