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Galacatraz: Eject Equip Escape

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Years ago, Ricardo Luger was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit and hardened by years at space labor camps, Luger was surprised to find himself accidentally freed by his captors. You must help him escape his space prison and return to a regular life.

Galacatraz is a side scrolling, twin stick shooter, platformer set on a prison in outer space. You must utilize a variety of weapons and movement upgrades to defeat the guards and their Captain, as you seek a way off the ship.


Four distinct stages, each with multiples levels.
Multiple unique boss encounters.
Use Double Jump to double enemies.
Use Wall Jump to reach new locations.
Use Rocket Jump to fly around uncontrollably.
Challenge yourself by beating each level before the clock runs out!

Message from the Devs

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to try and make a game during three months of your summer break?

Well, so did we.

Gaze with wonder at this remarkable feat of compromise and learned lessons! Is it the greatest game ever? Well, no, BUT its totally worth spending a buck or two to check out.

Thanks for reading this!



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Galacatraz: Eject Equip Escape

Escape Galacatraz, the universe's most secure detainment facility, in this side scrolling twin stick shooter!

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