This game is strategy game with RPG element using card. You can enjoy strategic decision and fun throughout this game.

The game will evolve around 5 admirable main characters: Dragon Tamer, Spirit Knight, Priestess, Mage, etc. (But in early access, there will be only 1 character)

With your selected character, you will explore a vast, striking, and polished gameplay field and engage in many dangerous and mysterious adventures.

Through participating and completing, you will level-up your main character, expand your own party, gain rare items, delicate cards, and impeccable skills.

The user will start the game with a ‘Starter Deck’ and be allowed to customize, evolve, and polish the deck throughout the game. There will be multiple maps with various adventures to choose from and the user will complete each map by accomplishing set quests and missions. Throughout the game, the hero will meet new party members and join forces to defeat its foes. As new characters are introduced, new cards will be introduced as well. Each character has its own unique skills cards and by completing various conditions or by meeting certain level requirements, you can acquire these skills cards.

Once acquired, the skills cards can be used by any other characters in the party and depending on which character joins the party, the skills and abilities of your party will be set accordingly and be different from others. At character level-ups, they will earn new talent points and obtain a new card to use.

These new cards can be used by other party members as well, but there will be differences in stats efficiency, according to the character. During quests, the user will have to make certain choices at particular moments of the game.

Depending on these choices, the clear goals of the quest will change and, as a result, the overall game play will be changed. Some quests will not give direct solutions to achieve its goals. The user will need to solve it from various hints within the quest.

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Game of Dragons

▶A RPG strategy card game, you can create card focused on your Hero’s adventure and its party.
▶Construct and manage your own deck of cards as your cards are essential to the gameplay.
▶Deeply rooted and originated from core RPGs and strategic fantasy elements not only from old age games like Ultima, Final Fantasy Series but to modern gaming trends as well.

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