Take the role of geek soldier who overcomes not just with crude firepower, but also with knowledge and erudition! Play alone or together with your friends.
There are 2 modes in the game: mathematics (Math Mode) and trivia (Nerd Mode).
In the Math Mode you have to solve equations correctly and quickly, choosing the right answers. You are a soldier with anti-tank gun, trying to destroy enemy tanks (from a private army of the Ignorance Corporation): each correct solution allows you to perform one shoot.
In the Nerd Mode you’ll face dozens of questions on various aspects of the geek culture: movies, games, comics, anime, memes and so on! In this mode you are a combat engineer performing mine clearance. Once you’ve found a mine (or should we say, once a mine has found you), the question appears, and you must quickly select the correct answer, or the mine will inflict some organic damage to your character’s body.

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Geek Fighter

You are a geek soldier: vaporize tanks and disable mines by the might of your mind, answering the questions correctly! Select a game mode that suits you well - Nerd Trivia Quiz or Math Solving Mode - and unleash your brain power.

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