A platform game so difficult and at the same time, so addictive that you will enjoy having to repeat a levels dozens of times until complete them.

Undead Blackout

Can you survive a horde of the undead with nothing more than a flashlight and your wits? Oh and some guns. Obviously you have guns.


GlaZ is a psychedelic arcade game where player controls a spherical "body", looking for keys, opening doors and solving puzzles while trying...

Crimson Nights

Crimson Nights is a Multiplayer Dungeon Crawler Video Game


A game with real physics, many adventures, subliminal messages, and hypnotic images that makes it the great challenge to try to play, always a new tri...

Equilibrium VR

In this magic game you will lead an eagle and fly over the snowy peaks in the mountains, accompanied by a delightful music.

Werther Quest

Werther Quest is a fairy tale style puzzle adventure game. In the game, players will take on the role of a little tree frog named Werther and begin a ...

Spooky Night

This game is dedicated to my 3 year old son Alek whose love for Halloween and spooky things inspired this game I love you alek. You were walking in a...

Jenny LeClue – Detectivu

Jenny LeClue is a story focused exploration adventure game with memorable characters, a unique aesthetic, and an epic tangled mystery.

Midnight Animal

Every bullet eases the pain.

Star Surveyor

Star Surveyor is an exploration game about discovering a foreign planet, and observing the lives of its alien inhabitants. You're sent to Maya-247 ...


Unknown virus infects 87% of all living forms. The planet becomes lifeless. You are the one of endangered species - human. You must do some really MAD...

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