aMAZEing adventures

aMAZEing adventures is addictive game for VR where your goal is to guide your ball through many varied mazes specially designed for each level. Using ...

Island Getaway

Get away from the real world and warp into your very own virtual island full of activities! This game is being developed side-by-side with the commun...


“Apocalipsis – Harry at the end of the world” is a unique puzzle point-and-click adventure game with action and story-driven sequences. Its beautiful ...

The Price of Freedom

The Price of Freedom, an episodic interactive room-scale VR narrative presented in both English and Chinese. The story is based on the real events of ...

Happy Maze

Easy game for easy life. Enjoy.

A Tale of Caos: Overture

A point and click graphic adventure which pays tribute to the Classics of the past, introducing a new, incredible world of adventures, following Terry...

Jewel bits

Follow the story of Kisa and Marcin, students of Professor Nichola, that suddenly are caught up in a intense adventure.

The Spirit Underneath

The Spirit Underneath is a first-person horror game. You wake up in an unknown, creepy looking environment which you soon discover is hell. The proble...

Magic Hour

With Magic Hour, get started with VR photography! Take beautiful pictures by exploring an island lit in the perfect light and experiment with an ac...


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A game about surviving on a raft



The Little Acre

While searching for his father, Aidan travels to a strange new world. Lily - his heroic daughter - sets off after him. Fully voiced and with hand-draw...

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