Haunted Manor: Painted Beauties Collector’s Edition

A peaceful day at the park becomes a journey into the surreal when you become the latest victim of a troubled artist's deal with Death!

The Lonely Gorilla

Lead your troop as a silver back gorilla, raising a family in the harsh African natural environment. Compete with rivals and defend against predat...

Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD

Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD is a not-so-serious adventure that brings together mechanics from Action RPG and RTS games. You’ll control Kofi, a weak, lazy an...

Viking’s drakkars

Feel yourself a Viking, play alone, developing attention, or with a friend on one computer.

The "Quiet, Please!" Collection

Use your wits and a bit of mischief to solve puzzles in four classic, lighthearted adventure games! Explore, interact with your environment and solve ...

Snail Trek – Chapter 4: The Final Fondue

Relive 1980s nostalgia in this text parser driven graphic adventure game. You and your molluscan crew embark on an epic journey to find a new home wor...


29, a semi-autobiographic magical realist point and click. The first chapter to No Longer Home.

Spectrum Break

Spectrum Break is a synth-infused physics platformer, where you reshape levels with neon light. Blocks in each level float in zero gravity and can ...

Dark Canvas: A Murder Exposed Collector’s Edition

You’re called in to photograph a wedding, but what you really expose is murder.


Explore the Floating Kingdoms in a low poly 3D platformer with Nogard and try the materia power of the ancient Yksimals. Restore the power of a myste...

Aladin & the Enchanted Lamp

The fabulous tale of Aladin completely revised!


Huey and Satura find themselves lost in the colorless world of Umiro with no memory of their past or how they arrived in this mysterious place.

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