Small but tricky indie game to spend your evening on playing. You'll have to determine the cause of a program's critical error and restore its module...

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin is an all-new Virtual Reality adventure that takes players back into the mysterious and paranormal world of the Psy...


Explore spirits of sound by flying as a bird through the mystical floating islands of Otokai.

Super Tony Land

Super Tony Land is a platformer with a powerful level editor and an emphasis on telling stories and building entire game worlds.

The Eerie Inn

The Eerie Inn is a mystery, puzzle-solving horror game with a strong emphasis on the narrative. You play as one of the girls staying at a guest house ...

Eon Fleet

Eon empire is back! And now you have to get in your spaceship and defend your homeplanet against whole Eon Fleet! Eon Fleet is a simple, yet fun a...

Watch Me Jump

An entirely different kind of basketball game. A narrative-driven journey told in four quarters.


In this beautiful low-poly world, the water of your village has stopped flowing... endangering all your people ! You'll need bravery, intelligence a...

Russian AYE Horror

You play for Sanya, and you need to explore an abandoned building in the village of Kuvandyk to find all the photos. Be careful, beware of THEM.

Supposedly Wonderful Future

A science fiction story about screens, small rooms, and existential dread told through a series of RPG-style dialogues.

Dr. Cares – Amy’s Pet Clinic

Get ready to test your vet skills in Dr. Cares - Amy's Pet Clinic!

Kolb Antarctica Experience

Using VR to deliver Experiential Learning. The main objective is to further facilitate the Department of Education curriculum learning through emergin...

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