Solve complex puzzles, explore hidden temples, escape deadly platforms and revel in the joy of flight as you restore the Musiki's stolen rhythms!

Burn It Down

You awaken in your mansion and discover that your love is missing. She has been kidnapped but it's unclear by whom.


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Delicious – Emily’s Miracle of Life

Help Emily through the ups and downs of her pregnancy! ūüĎ∂ ūüćľ

Lit the Torch

Lit the Torch is challenging puzzle platformer with a twist! Players control a Night Watch as they light torches and navigate through a shattered time...

GAIA 2200

In 2200,the earth has been badly destroyed due to the human beings‚ÄúGAIA Project ‚ÄĚ,the first project which named by all the human beings to protect the...

Rescue Team 7

Mother Nature has met her match!


In RETNE you are a tourist travelling through VR Land. There's lots to see and so many things to do, but there’s a catch; it’s A DIY tour, so you have...


What happens if you mix the root of the mandrake with the bear's claw? And the foot of the stalk with the crown of the royal mushroom? What hides the ...

Puzzle: Underwater World

Puzzle: Underwater World is a classical puzzle game invented in 1878, it’s still popular today. The sliding puzzle that consists of a frame of numbere...

Run Crabby Run

Run Crabby Run is an adventure game and a lot of fun for the whole family. You can play by yourself, navigating the naughty Crabby, or with the use of...

Der einzig wahre Auserwählte

If you hate standard fantasy storys then you might love this one for it makes fun of all established fantasy cliches. This is more than just another R...

Descent – Silence of Mind

Hypnosis, memories, delusions and a disturbing secret revolve around silence of mind.

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