VoxelWorld is an open world sandbox game. Let your creativity speak and build what you want!

Cowboy Escape

You play for Cowboy, whose goal is to go through all levels without falling into an abyss.

Radiant Melodia

Three years have passed after she lost everything... A girl born-talented in singing, has finally arrived at the destined time. Two acquaintances she ...

Monkey Rush

Dive into adventure with the main character Maka, immerse yourself in beautiful worlds and defeat all the enemies!


Those who love platform games may think this is a simple game, but hardest platformers ever made. This game was never for those looking for "eas...

Nephise: Ascension

Nephise returns, in her deadliest and most expansive adventure yet! Will she escape from Dragons Valley? Find out in this highly immersive first-perso...

Fierce Tales: Feline Sight Collector’s Edition

Save your cats and investigate a series of leopard attacks.

Magic Gravity

Hardcore puzzle platformer about mage in a dungeon with specificult disorientation gameplay.


The Earthworms is independent, artistic, point & click game placed in surrealist world of science-fiction.

The Great Tournament 2

In this sequel to The Great Tournament, continue your quest to defend the kingdom of Magincia. Play as a Knight, Lord, or Prince in this medieval fant...


Tren0 is an indie pixel story game developed in RPG Maker. A story about five strangers trapped on a mysterious train.


You shape the story as Kelly (aka L1ghtman) and her clan of misfit hackers transform from pranksters to international hacker celebrities, taking on th...

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