Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed Child

Find clues to your father's whereabouts in a Victorian mansion!


Ultrawings is the first aerial-themed, open-world flight game where you use your virtual hands to fly multiple aircraft across a beautifully stylized,...


Escape the Beast and overcome your own fear.

The Normal Day

It's a normal day for Mike, until he is abducted. At their world, he will start an exciting adventure, but he still has to be back by 6.

Haunted Halls: Green Hills Sanitarium Collector’s Edition

Explore a decrepit mental asylum and find your missing boyfriend in Haunted Halls – Green Hills Sanitarium!

Maestro: Music of Death Collector’s Edition

Stop a mysterious illness that is causing an entire village to rapidly age! Find the cause and find a missing young girl!


Conarium is a chilling Lovecraftian game, which follows a gripping story involving four scientists and their endeavor to challenge what we normally co...

The Island of Eternal Struggle

The Island of Eternal Struggle is a turn-based jRPG adventure where four outcasts battle malicious wildlife, topple a corrupt empire, and battle power...

WILL: A Wonderful World / WILL:美好世界

《WILL: A Wonderful World》是一款单人版文字解谜类游戏。游戏世界中,玩家所扮演的“神”拥有着改变人们命运的能力。十多个寻求帮助的凡人看似素昧平生却互相影响着,他们的故事将如何发展,一切由玩家决定。


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xoEl Empire

The Yabbies used to live in harmony, but everything changed... When the xoEl empire attacked. Now, they are trapped waiting his squared destiny and yo...

World of DASM, DASM Spell Quest

Know someone that is struggling with their ABC's or basic spelling? Do they have a short attention time span? Want a program that all students or chil...

Soul Saga

An ambitious young Guild Master travels the dying sky islands of Medonia to uncover a way to save his once utopian homeland, but can he accept the sho...

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