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Get To The Orange Door

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In Get To The Orange Door, you must use your parkour, cloning, and time control abilities to reach the orange door at the end of each level. Seems simple enough, but you will soon understand just how challenging the game can be. Intelligent A.I., challenging obstacles, and numerous other twists and turns cause for a difficult yet enjoyable experience.

Fight through three separate worlds, each with a unique art and playstyle

Get To The Orange Door Features:
– A full campaign, spanning over three separate worlds, each with a unique art and playstyle
– Horde Mode: an endless wave shooter that gets harder the longer you survive
– Classic Mode: A one-shot, one-kill parkour shooter reminiscent of GTTOD when it was first being concepted
– Challenge Maps: Crazy, bizarre, and challenging maps meant to test and train your skills in GTTOD
– The Edge: An open world map with many challenges and places to explore
– Multiple Enemy types
– Over 20 weapons
– Player Abilties such as time control and self-cloning
– A full Titanfall-esq parkour system (sliding, clambering, wall-running, etc)
– A simple play-how-you-want style, beat the game in which-ever order you choose
– Key rebinding and controller support

Get To The Orange Door is set to be fully released sometime in Summer of 2017. Stay tuned!

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Get To The Orange Door

This is the challenging parkour FPS about getting to an Orange Door. Seems simple enough, but don't expect to be handed victory so easily as you fight through hordes of enemies and parkour through numerous obstacles. This is not an FPS for the faint of heart.

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