GL1TCH combines the timing and action of an old-school arcade game with layers of strategy that will challenge you to think, and be quick, at the controls.

It’s not about blowing things up or flying spaceships, it’s about disabling circuits by using their weaknesses against them. The key is to strategically take down each circuit while scoring as many points as you can on each and every one. Clever tricks and timing lead to monumental scores. It’s up to you to discover how to do it!

Each PCB is controlled by batteries and a microswitch and protected by protons. Transfer power between batteries to overload the circuit and take control, but watch the microswitch — if it ticks across to closed the PCB will shut down. Avoid the red protons as they will deplete the batteries with each hit. Once you’ve overloaded the circuit you are in control and it’s your chance to turn the tables on the protons. Collect as many as you can while avoiding the Debugger which searches the PCB for you to end your overtime early.

GL1TCH uses the most current version of the Unreal Engine(tm) from Epic Software, Inc. and support mouse + keyboard as well as gamepad and will run smooth as silk on any Windows(tm) based PC from the last five to ten years. No need for monster hardware to dive into GL1TCH!

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GL1TCH shrinks you down to a bit and sends you into circuits to overload and disable them by utilizing arcade-style controls and smart-thinking strategy.

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