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Glutton Man is an indie barrage game.
In the game,the player plays a glutton that can eat the enemies’ remote attack and turn it into its own power.
All bullets can be a delicious food,except for the enemy itself and the skulls.
Please note that the Devourer must eat bullets with mouth. Attack from behind or sides still cause harm.
The Devourer will digest the barrage swallowed and convert it into energy. When the energy is full, the Devourer will get a random weapon or get invincible for seconds.
When the Devourer is in a state of invincibility, it can even eat the Boss directly.
Enjoy your feast and the power improved by Combo.

Game Features

  • The enemies will come from all directions. Aim at them with your weapons and big mouths.
  • A variety of weapon systems, a total of 17 unique weapons are available.
  • Very challenging with sharp rhythm and imaginative barrage.
  • 10 carefully designed stages, there is going to a guard in each end of stage.
  • Three roles available,with different attributes.

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glutton man

A minimalist style, flying barrage game. The glutton played by the player is almost invincible when facing enemies. It can not only ignore the majority of attack,but also swallow the enemy's
bullets to strengthen itself. But this does not mean that players can crush everything. The enemies and dense barrage from all directions are still a great challenge. Those powerful
BOSS will also try to assault your back or two sides. Come to show us your subtle operation!

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