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Going Nowhere: The Dream

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Going Nowhere: The Dream is a 3D, first person, parkour inspired platformer taking place in Loren’s dreams, memories and life. Playing as Loren, you navigate the dreamscape to get Loren’s long lost friend Violet back to the real world after she mysteriously appeared in Loren’s town for the first time in years. Discover a deeper meaning to Loren’s myserious dreams and Violet’s apparitions.


  • Gameplay is parkour inspired with many navigational challenges instead of relying on speed and timing. The game is very speedrun friendly, however.
  • Play as Loren as she travels between her dreams and the "real world," looking for her long lost friend while trying to uncover what is truly real.
  • Secrets, easter eggs, alternate endings and more. The hidden content in this game is meant to be HARD to find. Glitch the game, think outside the box, escape the levels, and find things no player has ever found.

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Going Nowhere: The Dream

Loren's on a journey through an urban dreamscape, in search for a way to reunite with her long lost friend, Violet. Explore a story in the fray of space and time, where a heightened sense of adventure will lead to many curiosities.

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