Experience the ultimate adventure through the African Safari as you document and protect the animals. With a knowledgeable owl as your guide, you’ll take pictures with your camera and capture dangerous poachers with your gun while exploring the plains. To gain the highest score, have your photos reviewed by a safari specialist. Save all of your favorite moments in your very own photo album. With a higher score, you can upgrade equipment, obtaining vehicles to drive through the safari or jetpacks to soar across the sky.

By Adventuring through the safari, players can obtain achievements, which unlock upgrades for your equipment. As you go on your adventure with your owl companion Merlin, you’ll learn about the safari, the wildlife, and the dangers that threaten to destroy this peaceful land. It’s up to you to preserve the natural way of life.

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GoWings Safari

Have you ever wanted to fly over the safari? Taking pictures of wildlife and protecting it from poachers? All of that is possible in GoWings Safari

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